Love Is Good For Your Health

Yesterday was Valentines Day, a day for lovers.  Once upon a time before I met my Prince Charming I hated Valentines Day and everything associated with it.  I’d been burned by love before and was determined to never let it happen again.  What I didn’t know then that I know now, is that my toxic attitude was the very thing that would ensure that love never found me again.  Today’s blog is for all my single ladies and gentlemen who have given up on love.  I encourage you to give love another try this year because loving and being loved is good for your health.

New love can often produce anxiety in the beginning as you try to figure out if he or she feels the same way you do.  But research has shown that people in committed, loving relationships are generally less stressed and handle life’s stressors better than those who are not.  Less stress equals increased immune response which leads to less disease and longevity.  Positive social ties of any kind have been proven to treat and prevent disorders like depression and some forms of mental illness.

I recognize that marriage isn’t for everyone and so I’d like to acknowledge that close friends and family ties as well as involvement in the community serve to help singles live a happy, healthy and satisfying life.  It’s really not good for man to be alone.  So if you are a bit of a home body like me, here are some little things you can do everyday to promote love and joy

Little Things You Can Do Today

1.  Become responsible for another living thing.  It could be a pet or a plant, just bring   another living being into your space.  The act of nurturing and caring for something will have same effect on your brain as spending time with loved ones.

2.  Find a worthy cause.  Volunteering not only helps the organization but you will feel good knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others.

3.  Develop a Self-Care routine.  If you like getting your hair done, then make monthly appointments to pamper yourself.  Plan what I call “Me Time” everyday.  Whether you exercise, meditate, or read a book doesn’t matter what you do as long as it makes you happy.

Until Next Week,

Nicole McLaughlin, PT


About Nicole McLaughlin

I am a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter and boy do I have some stories for you. I'm also an ACE certified personal trainer and I have combined my love for writing and fitness to bring you two blogs.
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