Strong Bones Strong Body

In some countries, milk and cereal grains are ...

In today’s post I’d like to talk about a structural issue that plagues many women as they age, osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones that occurs over time due to deficiencies in calcium and Vitamin D. Which is why Vitamin D is often added to milk, orange juice and other calcium enriched products.  Calcium deposits strengthen bones, while Vitamin D aids the body in absorbing calcium.  There are no symptoms until a fracture occurs and at that point it is too late.  Prevention is easy, and I’ll share some things you can do to have strong bones and a strong body.  There are a few risk factors like age,sex, and family history that you have no control over.  However, there are may risk factors you can control with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Preventative Measures

  • Eat your Fruits and Vegetables
  • Supplement Calcium and Vitamin D if you don’t get enough in your diet
  • Eat the right amount of protein.  Too much protein from animal sources can weaken bones
  • Drink in Moderation; Alcohol and Caffeine can damage bones
  • Stop Smoking; Smoking decreases your ability to absorb calcium
  • Increase your Activity.  Exercise and especially weight training can strengthen your bones

Little Things You Can Do Today

1.  Eat more dairy products because it is the easiest way to get calcium.  If you are lactose intolerant or for some other reason don’t do dairy there is calcium in green vegetables like spinach, collard greens, and broccoli.

2.  Play in the sun more because your body makes its own Vitamin D using the ultra violet rays of the sun.  Vitamin D is also found in milk and fatty fish like Mackerel, Salmon, and Tuna.

3.  Purchase a set of hand weights and ankle weights and begin working out with light resistance three days a week in addition to other activities you may already doing.

Women in History Quiz

Last Week’s Answer: Jenny Craig

This Week’s Question:

Who was the first women to graduate from medical school in the United States?

Until Next Week,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin, PT


About Nicole McLaughlin

I am a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter and boy do I have some stories for you. I'm also an ACE certified personal trainer and I have combined my love for writing and fitness to bring you two blogs.
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One Response to Strong Bones Strong Body

  1. Edress Smith says:

    I don’t do any dairy, but instead I get all my calcium from dark green leafy vegetables. 20 minutes out in the sunshine a day not only does wonders for your vitamin D levels, but lifts your spirits too. Now just to get that exercise thing down pat! 🙂

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