Happy Earth Day

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...



Earth Day was coined in 1970 but took a decade to really catch on.  I remember celebrating my first Earth Day in 1988 when I was in the 8th grade.  Over the years I must confess that I’ve often treated Earth Day like any other day.  However, this year Earth Day is more significant than ever because this year I have a new found desire to live off the land.  All of the nutrients we get from our food comes from the soil.  All of our drinking water comes from the rivers and streams.  We are intimately connected to Mother Earth and depend on her for our survival.


Whether or not you believe in global warming or not, the climate has been changing.  Many waterways are polluted and the soil is void of life giving nutrients.  We all have skin in the game so on this Earth Day make a commitment to be kind to the earth and lessen your carbon footprint.   We know that all is passing away, but let’s preserve as much as we can for future generations.


Not really sure how to celebrate Earth Day?  Here’s some ideas of things you can do.


  • Plant a tree in your yard
  • Make a bird feeder with your children
  • Begin a recycling drive at work
  • Join in a local Earth Day celebration


Little Things You Can Do Everyday


  1. Ditch the bottles – Instead of buying bottled water, filter your tap water and use a shatter proof glass water bottle for your workouts.  
  2. Compost – If you garden, instead of buying soil you can compost your vegetable and fruit peels as well as other organic matter in your backyard and use it for enriching the soil in your flowerbeds.
  3. Park & Ride – Cut back on gas emissions by biking or taking public transportation to work.  If you live close enough to walk, walking is even better for both you and the environment.







About Nicole McLaughlin

I am a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter and boy do I have some stories for you. I'm also an ACE certified personal trainer and I have combined my love for writing and fitness to bring you two blogs.
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