Are You Living or Just Alive

DownloadedFileA couple of weekends ago I spent three days in a conference hosted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I was in a session about how to be a better coach. The instructor made a very profound statement about how we live. He said, “We spend too little time living and too much time dying.” Most people live  well until around age 50 and then they begin the business of dying. I got to thinking about this phenomenon and my question in today’s blog is what does it mean to really live as opposed to just being alive. It only takes a beating heart and brain activity to be considered among the living. However, I submit to you that you’re not really living until you move beyond the ability to fog up a mirror.

Many older adults reach their retirement years alive but due to declining health and limited resources they have stopped living. If you are not careful in your middle age years, you’ll retire to a rocking chair and sit there rocking the rest of your life away. Muscles that are not used atrophy quickly. Minds that don’t learn anything new lose the ability to remember even what was once learned. Human beings are wired to live a life of purpose in which we find meaning, fulfillment and joy.

The trick to living a vibrant life is to keep moving. You should always be in constant movement. Physically, in the form of exercise or other activities. Mentally, through learning and sharing what you know. Emotionally, through the relationships you maintain. If you intend to really live, find ways to always be moving forward, growing and becoming stronger. Our reasons for living change as we age, but it’s the reason that motivates us to keep going.

The Little Things You Can Do Today

  1. Get a hobby. Preferably one that has a physical and mental component. Examples: Golf, Running, or Martial Arts.
  2. Take care of home. Invest time into building strong relationships with your closets friends and family members.
  3. Discover your purpose. We are all here on assignment and determining why you are here will bring you joy and fulfillment.
  4. Take care of your body. Make it your goal to do whatever it takes to get to a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, achieve normal blood sugar and blood pressure. A healthy body will help you live life to the fullest.

Until Next Week,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin, PT


About Nicole McLaughlin

I am a self-published author and freelance ghostwriter and boy do I have some stories for you. I'm also an ACE certified personal trainer and I have combined my love for writing and fitness to bring you two blogs.
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