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Prenatal Health & Fitness

Let me begin by saying sorry that it has taken me five months to write a new post. The beginning of the year is a very busy time for a personal trainer. People are motivated to make this year the … Continue reading

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Weight Discrimination

There are many factors that go into why overweight persons face weight discrimination. Depending on the job there may be actual limitations that being overweight may lessen your effectiveness on the job. However, some professions discriminate against obese people on … Continue reading

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Obesity: Newest Epidemic

Doctors are now classifying obesity as a disease that is defined by having a Body Mass Index or BMI over 30. On the one hand, it is good that the medical profession is beginning to look for ways to prevent … Continue reading

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Making Peace With The Woman In The Mirror

Ever notice how an overweight man has no problem taking his shirt off and playing frisbee in the park with his friends.  But a woman who is not overly fat may never wear a bikini because of cellulite or a little flab … Continue reading

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